Did you know that over 95% of all people let their life insurance policies lapse as their life advances and their personal circumstances change?

A lapsed policy is where the policy is terminated with no further value.

There is a new financial opportunity – releasing the hidden value in your lapsing or unwanted life insurance policy.

Lapsed life policies are common

The insurance premiums people paid to protect themselves during their working lives tend to rise considerably in later life. For many, the cost of these higher premiums begins to outweigh the perceived benefits of insuring themselves, and so they let their life policies lapse.

Whatever retained value there is in the policy holder’s account at that time quickly leaks away through insurance company administration and management fees. This leaves the policy holder, or the beneficiaries of their estate, with little to show after decades of diligently paying their premiums.

Hidden value in lapsing life policies

But lapsing life insurance policies often contain significant hidden monetary value that can now be released through a lawful and innovative process known as Life Settlements. You could be using these easily accessible funds to improve your quality of life well right now.

Life Policy Health Check

Life Policies of America, to offer you a simple Life Policy Health Check. It’s a simple transparent way of analyzing what the true value of your policy could be. By it you can quickly determine if it qualifies for early settlement.

The hidden value in a lapsing life policy leaks away everyday, being eaten up by fees and charges. Through LPA’s innovative Life Policy Health Check it might be possible to realize the true value of your policy and put those funds to better use.


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