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  LPA’s Lifestyle Choices for Financial Professionals

Why LPA’s Lifestyle Choices ( Download Policy Check Form)

Life Policies of America understands and knows the secondary life market. We also understand the need for easy to use procedures, prompt responses and giving precedent to every case. LPA’s Lifestyle Choices delivers fast, simple and fair value life settlements to you and your clients.

It is increasingly clear that being able offer a life settlement alternative is not just the right thing but also a part of your fiduciary responsibility to your clients. Where it is appropriate you will be greatly appreciated and rewarded. You will make a big difference to your clients’ lifestyle immediately creating a large reserve of cash and goodwill.

Our experience and capabilities mean that LPA’s Lifestyle Choices, is the right choice for you and your clients.

Trial Application (Download)

Benefits of LPA’s Lifestyle Choices.

  • You build additional value into your business.
  • LPA’s Lifestyle Choices gives you a good reason to get in front of existing clients.
  • If LPA’s Lifestyle Choices is appropriate, you are getting money for your clients – your clients do not need to write checks, or give you money for any alternative investment.
  • If not appropriate, you get to review your clients’ current insurance needs.
  • Your persistency rates are increased.
  • You retain the renewals on any policies you sold.
  • You are creating the choices for other financial products that may suit your clients’ needs better.
  • You can approach your clients with confidence knowing that LPA’s Lifestyle Choices delivers.

Wide Coverage: LPA’s Lifestyle Choices gives more choice of policies and suitability.

  • The simple to use “Policy Check” allows you to quickly assess the suitability of a policy
  • Most types of policy are covered
  • Access to the capital markets means that we have some of the most flexible and innovative funding available giving wider policy suitability

Support: LPA’s Lifestyle Choices is about more choices for you and your clients.

  • Dedicated service and advisor support
  • Responsive to your input and concerns
  • Brochures and marketing materials
  • Background support articles
  • Training and seminar presentation for you, your clients and professional designations; CPA, Attorney, insurance and securities.

Trial Application (Download Application)

Complete the Trial Application and send to us together with a level premium illustration to maturity with a $1 remaining cash value and we will give a price within 24 hours.  No Life Expectancies required.

24 hour turn-around


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